If Speak Swiftly was developed into an app which platform should we concentrate on first?
A green checkmark next to a user means they are verified. As of right now this is for our moderators and site partners. We will be working out a program for users to become verified in the future but we can tell you it will not require you to pay $8 or any amount of money.
We are also aware that messages using an apostrophe in it is causing then to show up as a hashtag and are looking into that as well
Something about when she hits that note in Don't Blame me #erastour
speakswiftly: 🙂
Did you find your "Love Story" with a fellow Swiftie? Tell us about it, we love romantic stories.
We are aware of the issues with searching hashtags causing an error 500 and are looking into it. We will update you once we get it fixed.
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